We had our November tournament at Lake Amistad on Nov. 11,12 with twelve
(12) members participating. A total of 36 fish were weighed in over two
days with a total weight of 62.78 pounds and average weight of 1.74 pounds.

First place went to David Stone with 8.59 pounds, second place to Shaun Hill
with 7.90 pounds and third went to Richard Mears with 6.92 pounds. Shaun had
big bass at 2.84 pounds and Michael Crossland had second biggest with a
2.77. Honorable mention to Aubrie Brookings with a 2.76 pounder.
We also won the head-to-head competition with the West Texas Bass Anglers
out of Odessa. We weighed in 40.47 pounds on Saturday compared to their
39.17 pounds. Therefore, we get to keep the winning trophy plaque until the
next competition to be held sometime in 2018.
NOTE 1: Our end-of-the-year meeting will be held at Furr's Cafeteria in
Midland on Saturday, December 2 from 6 PM to 7:30 PM. We will hand out
prizes and awards and the club buys supper! 
NOTE 2: Fourth and final call for nominations for new president and vice
president. As mentioned before, club by-laws recommend three-year terms.
Don Woods and Shaun Hill will not be available for 2018. In order to keep
our club going, we must have someone step up. We have at least four prior
club presidents who can help show people the ropes.
NOTE 3: With no volunteers for president and/or vp here are some options we

1. Join/merge with another club such as West Texas Bass Anglers
2. As a last resort, shut down the club and let members find other
clubs to attend.
NOTE 4: We will not select lakes/tournaments for 2018 until we resolve the
issue of who will serve as president and vp.
Don Woods

November 2017

​   ​​Bassin' Bunch